5 Simple Rules of Fitness

You want to stay fit? It does not have to be hard or complicated as it may sometimes seem. Here are five simple rules of fitness we could all live by.

1. Exercise at least three times a week
When it comes to exercise, consistency is the key. Get a good workout at least three times a week if you cannot do it every day. Make sure to fit some quality cardio and strength exercises on your schedule.

2. Keep going, keep moving
bike commute
There may be days when you do not feel motivated to workout. Do it anyway. Try doing different exercises to spice things up. The important thing is to keep moving and stay active.

3. Take time for rest and recovery

If you workout everyday, make sure to take the time to rest and allow your muscles to recover sufficiently. Take a day off for a complete rest. Or you can opt for an active rest.

4. Hydrate
Keep hydrated when working out. Replenish lost fluids. Take breaks during your workouts to drink water or other fluids.

Eat right
Maximize the benefits of exercise by getting the nutrition your body needs. Eat nutrient-rich foods.