4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

I’m sure you’ve heard of marijuana being used for recreational purposes. But there’s more to this drug than just making you “high;” it can also bring benefits if used for medical uses. Here are four of those benefits:

It aids in opposing the carcinogenic effects of tobacco

smoking cigarette tobacco

A research issued in the Journal of the American Medical Association last 2012 said cannabis doesn’t harm the function of lungs when taken correctly. Rather, it increases the lungs’ capacity and improves overall lung health. Researchers have found out that tobacco smokers who smoked for 20 years lost their lung function, but those who smoked pot for the same duration had better lung capacity. The taking of deep breaths while inhaling medical marijuana might be the reason behind this.

It lowers anxiety levels

cannabis plantThanks to medical cannabis, some people can now overcome their miserable days. Marijuana can do this by helping the user defeat pain and nausea, which are the primary side effects of chemotherapy. Harvard Medical School conducted a study last 2010, and they found that some of medical cannabis’ benefits might be brought by lower anxiety levels. The drug improves the user’s mood and can be a sedative when it’s consumed in small doses.

It helps users control epileptic seizures

A study conducted last 2003 found that using cannabis can prevent epileptic seizures. The test subjects used by Robert J. DeLorenzo of Virginia Commonwealth University were rats. He presented synthetic marijuana plus marijuana extract to the rats. The test subjects didn’t have seizures for almost 10 hours. This is because the THC and CBD in marijuana can control the seizures by affixing to the brain cells which manage excitability and regulate calmness.

It could prevent cancer from spreading

As per the researchers of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, cannabidiol or CBD found in marijuana can help stop the spreading of cancer.

cancer cells spreading into the blood stream

CBD is a chemical which turns the gene Id-1 off, according to the research found in the Journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Cancer cells duplicate this gene more than the non-cancerous cells, thereby spreading the disease throughout the entire body. The researchers chose to work with breast cancer cells that had high expression levels of gene Id-1, and they treated them with CBD. After the remedy, the cells had a decrease in Id-1 expression, and the spreading became less aggressive.

In fact, a few experiments in Israel, Spain, and the U.S. claimed that the compounds found in cannabis could eliminate cancer cells. What better reason could there be to legalize medical marijuana than this?

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