7 Ways to Make Healthy Food Taste Great


One of the misconceptions some people have about a healthy diet is that the food may not be as tasty as other “regular” meals or treats. But eating with the right nutrition in mind does mean you cannot enjoy great tasting food. There are several healthier alternatives out there that taste as good as regular food and one of the keys is through being creative with your meals.

1. Limit the frying. There is something about deep fried foods that are just too addictive. The crunchiness and the taste are just too tempting to resist at times. But if you want to eat healthy, you have to cut down on fried foods. Instead of frying, consider grilling or baking your meat or vegetables.

2. Use spices or fresh herbs. Herbs are actually easy to grow even without a garden. You can grow some in containers to give you a constant supply of fresh herbs when needed. Along with spices, herbs add flavor to food and it is healthier instead of using artificial flavorings.

3. Get creative with side dishes. Instead of having a potato salad for side dish, you can whip up a salad of greens. Or ditch the macaroni and cheese and replace with some sliced fruits and vegetables.

4. Switch to complex carbohydrates. Another way of how to eat healthy is to limit white rice or breads and instead opt for whole grains or other sources of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. You can even cook the latter in many different ways to make them more flavorful.

5. Cut down on the meat. You do not have to give up the meat. But you can cut down and supplement your diet with plant-based proteins. If you want to eat meat, choose the lean part.

6. Marinate meat. One of the healthy ways to eat is through getting the most out of healthy meat choices like turkey, lean steak, and salmon by marinating them for hours prior to cooking them. Use soy sauce that is low in sodium in marinating meat to end up with great flavors.

7. Prepare your own juices. If you want something to drink, grab an unsweetened fruit juice. Or you can prepare it yourself. This is a great way to control the amount of sugar you consume at any given day.